I grew up believing I came from the world’s smallest family. Both of my grandfathers passed before I was born. My Dad didn’t grow up with any siblings. I have a few cousins on my Mom’s side but they lived hundreds of miles away so we rarely connected.

At some point– I’m not quite sure how, I developed an interest in learning more. I started asking my parents questions and I found out most of my paternal and maternal ancestors were from the Maritimes of Canada. With a drive for solving puzzles, internet wizardry skills, and a desire to learn I was on my way.

Over the past decade I’ve been lucky to conduct genealogical research throughout the USA, Quebec, the Maritimes of Canada, Italy, and Ireland. I’ve also flipped through tons of virtual pages of records from Sweden. I’ve helped solve other people’s brick walls, proved (and disproved) family folklore, and have found countless stories ranging from perilous migrations, military heroes on both sides of the American Revolution, and ancestors gambling and drinking away their riches to end with rags.